10 Travel Essentials For Your Summer Vacation

Have you ever been on vacation when you suddenly realized that you forgot, you know, “that dress”, left your sunglasses on the counter, or worst of all, failed to remember a toothbrush? Whether you’re going hiking in the Rockies, sight seeing in Europe, or lounging on the beaches of the Bahamas, Finess has got you covered while you travel with this list of essential items to keep you prepared and ready to go on your summer getaway. After all, aren’t vacations supposed to be worry-free and, dare we say, relaxing? 

1. Swimsuit

Purple bikini, lime green beach towel, sunglasses and hat by swimming pool.

( *This post is sponsored by Finess. Though Finess is suitable for lounging by the pool, it should not be worn in water)

Remember when you were packing and told yourself that you wouldn’t need a swimsuit? Well, you’ve just come to the end of a long trail hike in the scorching sun and that creek is starting to look really nice right about now. The moral of the story is always bring a swimsuit. You never know when an unexpected lake, waterfall, or even a jacuzzi might beckon you to take a quick dip.

2. Sunscreen

That being said, it’s summer and you know what that means. It’s HOT. Don’t get us wrong, nothing sounds better than soaking up some rays and sipping on a margarita, but lay out a little too long with no UV protection and you’ll be spending the rest of your vacation indoors rubbing aloe vera all over your radiating sunburn.

3. Travel Size First Aid Kit

Box of first aid kit isolated on white background. Out of the box is it content: bandage, syringe, gauze, scissors, cotton, mask and other accessories needed in cases of accidents. The first aid kit equipment in the vehicles is required by law all over the world.

It’s happened to the best of us. You stub your toe on a rock, step on a sharp shell at the beach, or get stung by an unfriendly bee. As minor as these incidents often are, they are can be quite inconvenient. To avoid the hassle of finding a lifeguard or a near by clinic it’s always worth it to bring a travel size first-aid kit on your vacation.

4. Money Belt/ Small Purse

Traveling out of the country? If yes, then one thing you will definitely not want to go without is a money belt. Whether you’re taking pictures or observing a magnificent piece of art, it’s easy to get distracted by what’s around you. Unfortunately, when traveling abroad, this kind of distraction makes you the perfect prey for pick pockets. To prevent losing your money and more importantly, your passport, having a discreet money belt tucked under your shirt or a hidden purse compartment can make all the difference.

5. A Good Book

While it’s true that most of the days on your vacation will be scheduled with exciting excursions and adventures, there will also certainly be some down time regardless of where your travel takes you this summer. What better way to unwind than reading that book you’ve been trying to finish for the past 3 months? If you’re on a day train or sitting under an umbrella, having a good book to get lost in is the perfect way to relax.

6. Translation Book/App

Your waitress asks, “Cosa vorrebbe ordinare”? You respond, “… ummm come again” ? Having the ability to communicate wherever you are is essential. If you find yourself in a country that doesn’t speak your native tongue it’s wise to purchase a translation book or a phone app to help you navigate around a foreign language. Not only will you know how to order food at a restaurant, but you’ll also earn the admiration of locals by showing your respect for their culture.

7. Versatile Shoes (for comfort and style)

Woman's legs in jeans and white ballet flat shoes with beige bag, standing near wooden palettes


Making space in your suitcase is hard enough as it is, but trying to fit shoes in such a small space turns packing into a game of Tetris. Should you bring running shoes for long walks? What about going out? Will you need a pair of heels for a nice dinner? Whatever the case, you want to try to bring a pair of shoes that will fit all of your needs. For a versatile shoe that caters to multiple occasions, we suggest a neutral pair of flats that can be dressed up or down (and not to mention keep you comfortable).

8. Camera

We know, this one seems a bit obvious, but how many times have you been telling someone about your awesome vacation when you realize that you didn’t capture some of the best parts of your trip? You can’t forget when you saw dolphins jump out of the ocean or when you witnessed Old Faithful finally erupt. It’s in moments like these that you want to make sure to have a decent working camera that won’t distort your memories with poor quality photos.

9. The Perfect Summer Outfit

While a pattered maxi dress or skirt is both cute and comfortable there may be some excursions that require you to wear a form of pants. To avoid the heat in these situations, it’s best to choose light weight and bright clothing. You won’t regret bringing a pair of white shorts when you’re riding a bike along the coast!

10. Finess

Stop bladder leaks while you travel with Finess


If you read the last vacation essential with a worried look, you probably know that for most women who experience stress urinary incontinence, wearing light or tight clothing is a no no. Not anymore! Finess allows you to fly on a plane or pack a summer friendly wardrobe without fear of an accident.

To enjoy your summer to it’s fullest and stop bladder leaks before they happen, make sure to pack some Finess pods in your bag. Not only will you feel more confident, but you can rest easy because Finess’ discreet packaging means no one will know that you leak from time to time.

Try Finess for a more relaxed you!

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