3 Ways to Manage Your Stress Urinary Incontinence

Blogger Pam Lutrell of Over50Feeling40 and urogynecologist, Dr. Toni Harrisdiscuss simple ways to control your stress urinary incontinence.

There has to be an easier way to deal with bladder leakage than crossing your legs… and fingers in hope that if you squeeze tight enough it won’t flow down your pants. Sure, you could bring a change of clothes everywhere, but you waited forever to wear those new fall boots and your not about to change because you can’t hold it in! So, what can you do? As blogger, Pam Lutrell, attests, with a topic as taboo as incontinence, it can be hard to know what solutions are out there. Despite misconceptions, the good news is that surgery is certainly not the only solution.

Dr. Toni Harris points out that there are 3 simple habit changes women can do to lessen unexpected leaks.

1. Start simple. The first thing you can do to manage incontinence is to focus on easy habit changes. We all have those habits that despite our efforts are impossible to kick. So, make sure you choose a goal that you know you can accomplish.

2. Decrease the intake of liquids that aggravate the bladder. That might mean drinking one less cup of joe in the morning or eliminating soda from your diet. And hey, it’s better for your overall health too, not just your bladder. Can you say bonus?!

2. Do some good ol’ kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. If kegels are done properly and regularly, they can dramatically improve your pelvic floor health and leakage control.

To get the details on these 3 easy tips, watch the latest interview in our 7-part series with fashion blogger and SUI sufferer, Pam Lutrell and urogynecologist, Dr. Toni Harris. In this series you’ll find answers to all of those bladder leakage questions you have, but are too embarrassed to ask.


How Finess Works

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