3 Ways to Dispel The Shame of Bladder Leaks

The spirit of the holidays means coming together with friends and family to share meals, tell stories, and laugh. That’s why this season, we’re encouraging women to share their bladder leak stories and open conversations about stress urinary incontinence.

Bladder Leaks? Your Not Alone. Real Stories From Finess Users.

As blogger Rae Lewis Thorton puts it, “we’ve all been there”. Bladder leaks don’t discriminate. New moms, boomer women and athletes all have their fair share of tinkle tales. Heck, even oscar winning actresses like Kate Winslet leak!

Unfortunately, most women who experience bladder leaks develop a ‘just deal with it’ mentality that discourages conversation and decreases awareness of the issue, ultimately creating a cycle of shame and embarrassment.

So What Are We To Do?

1. First, don’t be afraid to talk about stress urinary incontinence. In the United States, 1 in 4 women experience bladder leakage. That means, between 4 of your girlfriends, at least one of them is likely to be experiencing leakage as well.

2. Second, don’t “simply accept it”. Just because SUI is a common problem among women doesn’t mean it’s the way life has to be.

3. Find a solution that works for you. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident. That is why we have created Finess.

Finess Stops Bladder Leaks Before They Happen

Finess stops bladder leaks comfortably! Taking the stress out of stress urinary incontinence

Finess is the first and most clinically tested solution for bladder leakage that has been cleared by the FDA for non-prescription use. To use Finess, simply place it over the urethral opening, and the specially formulated hydrogel adhesive gently seals it into place until you remove and replace it at your next bathroom visit. When you laugh, lift, or sneeze, Finess blocks the urine from leaking. With Finess, you can prevent leaks.

Rae, “supports any product that empowers women”. Here at Finess, our number one goal is to minimize the shame around bladder leakage and empower women to live life “stress free”.

To read Rae’s full post, head over to her blog.

Try Finess for a drier, more confident you!

Discreet, comfortable and compact, Finess is available in a 12 or 36-pack here in our Finess store or on Amazon. To learn how to use Finess, visit our YouTube channel.

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