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Say goodbye to pads forever. Take your life back with Finess®, the revolutionary product that lets you enjoy each day without worrying about leaks, messy pads or embarrassing situations. And, for a limited time, shipping is free!

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Lives up to expectation

I was a little bit hesitant before I ordered, but then I thought back to the days when I was a child: The urge to urinate hit always at a time that was not convenient to go to the bathroom. I just put my finger over the clothes over the Urethra where the urine would come out and stopped the urge to go. I was convinced that Finess would work for me the same way. And it worked out that way exactly. Great invention! Thank you for this.

Five stars and two thumbs up! Stay fresh!

The Finess Softpatch is easily placed over the urethra opening, feeling cool to the skin, soft to the surrounding area, virtually not felt when moving about and it does not show. There’s no fuss with Finess softpatches. They are easily removed and disposed of each time there’s a call to nature and protect me during the interim when there’s a tiny unexpected dribble. I am confident my hygiene stays fresh all day.

They work great!

Wow what a difference they made. I have had to bring supplies to events and participated in a half marathon and didn’t have to stop once! They really worked for me!



Bladder Leaks Keeping You Inside?

For most people, the onset of summer means more time spent outside enjoying long hikes, bike rides or play time …


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