Babies Are a Joy, But Bladder Leaks Sure Aren’t

Blogger Pam Lutrell of Over50Feeling40 interviews Urogynecologist, Dr. Toni Harris, about the mechanics of stress urinary incontinence and why we have bladder leaks.

You may have been told to expect morning sickness, cravings, and mood swings, but nobody warned you about unexpected bladder leaks. For all you mommies out there, you know what we’re talking about.

Those sudden leaks during postpartum life, caused by pressure placed on the bladder, are a result of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), and they often happen at the most inconvenient times. Whether you leak when you’re getting in the car, walking your dog, or shopping at the grocery store, the simple fact is, those unwelcome leaks are often embarrassing and always uncomfortable.

In this 7-part series discussing incontinence, fashion blogger, mom, and stress urinary incontinence sufferer Pam Lutrell candidly talks with Dr. Toni Harris about all of those bladder leakage questions you have, but have been hoping somebody else would ask.

In this interview, Pam speaks with Dr. Toni to understand why stress urinary incontinence often begins during pregnancy and continues after childbirth.


This animation displays the abdominal pressure put on the bladder when a woman sneezes. Pelvic floor muscles, weakened by pregnancy or childbirth, cannot withstand the pressure placed on the bladder. As a result of a sneeze, cough, or lifting the stroller out of the car, some urine escapes, causing women to experience embarrassing bladder leakage. Women can address this with pads that soak up the urine, which can be both uncomfortable and odorous, or they can prevent bladder leakage with Finess. As the animation illustrates, the soft foam patch with its specially formulated hydrogel adhesive is applied over the urethral opening. Once it is in place, the adhesive gently seals to block leaks until you remove it.


Discreet, comfortable and compact, Finess is available in a 12 or 36-pack. With Finess, women are able to enjoy their daily activities without the stress of stress urinary incontinence.

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