Bladder Leaks Keeping You Inside?

For most people, the onset of summer means more time spent outside enjoying long hikes, bike rides or play time with kids. But for women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, the idea of outside summer activities can be daunting. Leakage can strike at any moment and if there isn’t a restroom nearby there’s nowhere to hide. But not this summer! Finess stops bladder leaks so women can enjoy the outdoors again. Check out our list of fun summer activities you can do with Finess.

3 Bladder Leak Free Outside Activities

Dance At Your Local Music in The Park

Finess stops bladder leaks so you can enjoy all your favorite activities!

In the summer it’s not uncommon to hear live music playing at local parks on weekends. Don’t hold back from groovin’ to your favorite jam because of fear of bladder leaks. Check your local newspaper or city website to see if there are any park concerts happing near you and get those dancing feet movin’!

Join or Start a Community Garden

In towns big and small there’s always that empty lot that hasn’t been tampered with for years. Why not transform that unused space into something useful and beautiful. Build or join a community garden in your area and spend your days turning what once was an eye sore into a place to get to know your neighbors. Tending to a garden doesn’t come without its heavy lifting. Wear Finess while you dig up those roots and you won’t think twice about leaking.

Take The Family to An Amusement Park or County Fair

Finess stops bladder leaks so you can enjoy all your favorite activities.

Disneyland is just a car ride away from our Finess HQ and we love all the fun rides and shows it has to offer. But it’s no secret that going to an amusement park requires a lot of walking and waiting in long lines, including the restroom. With Finess, don’t stress about having an accident in a crowd of people. Enjoy all the fun without the worry!

Staycation: Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Maybe you’ve lived in the same city for 10 to 20 years, but you’ve still never hiked to that look out spot or eaten at that Italian resturaunt everyone says you have to try. Well break your routine, it’s time to be a tourist in your own town! Treat yourself to a staycation and avoid the hassel of travel (pssst… don’t forget to put a finess pod in your purse before you leave).

Host a Backyard Party
Finess stops bladder leaks so you can enjoy all your favorite activities.

Summer is all about spending extra time with family and friends, so why not host a family fiesta in your own backyard! With Finess at your side you can laugh as hard as you want during a game of charades. If the charades doesn’t have you laughing the margarita sure will ;).

 Try Finess and Get Moving!

Don’t allow bladder leaks to keep you locked up inside. Stop bladder leaks before they happen and experience a care free summer! Finess pods are discreet and fit easily in any purse or backpack. Finess is available in a 12, or a 36-pack here in our Finess store or on Amazon. To learn more about how to use Finess, please visit our YouTube channel.