Bladder Leaks Are a Laughing Matter – NOT!

Has stress urinary incontinence left you without a sense of humor? It’s not just when you laugh, but when you do yoga, play with the grandkids or kids and even when you sneeze. Controlling your bladder can turn anyone into a sourpuss.

Finess protects women from accidental bladder leaks

You know the drill. You’re at your friends’ house for dinner, everybody’s having a good time and the conversation is flowing along with the wine. Somebody starts telling a story, it gets funnier and funnier until everybody is just about in tears. And then – you laugh a little too hard and you feel it: OMG, I just wet myself.

Who’d have thought a few drops could be such a big deal? But it is. Awkward. No easy escape. Maybe if it’s just you and the girls it’s a little easier to manage. But nevertheless you’re thinking: This is embarrassing. With my bladder leaks I can’t even have a good time now? This is ridiculous.

Stress Incontinence Choices that Stress You Out

And what is not funny at all: the poor choices you’ve been give to “manage” your stress incontinence. Oh, there’s plenty of “choices”: regular or long, light or heavy, hourglass, scented, pink or paisley. Ford at least moved on from the Model T, but for bladder control it’s still the Model P: one form or another of absorbent pad to catch the pee and hold it in your underwear. Forget the damp feeling and the smell.

And why do they dare call it “Bladder Control”? Just where is the control? Pads all do the same thing: Limit the damage after the ‘accident’ has already happened. Contain the leakage before it shows through your clothing and really causes an embarrassment. Not an entirely bad thing, those pads. But nobody’s laughing. 

Finess: Stopping the Bladder Leak Before It Happens

But what if the accident didn’t happen? That’s the question that led to the development of Finess. How do we move from damage control to accident prevention? To something that actually resembles bladder control?

Understanding the physiology of stress urinary incontinence (“SUI”), we knew there were better ways to address this. That leak when you laugh–It happens in a fraction of a second. So we focused on how to stop the leak at just the right moment, and the rest of the time, stay out of the way. We figured out how to do this, and proved it in clinical trials involving tens of thousands of days of use.

Why Finess Is Your Best Solution for Bladder Leakage

With Finess, we are focused on how to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the leaks associated with SUI incidents. You know, those “oh shoot” moments when you sneeze, cough or lift your daughter or grandson, or laugh so hard you… well, you get the picture.

We also designed Finess with your discretion in mind, from the product itself – very small, very soft – to the packaging that more resembles your high-end make-up products than something to control urinary incontinence. Something you can discreetly keep in your purse without anyone ever noticing.

And speaking of not noticing: no need to stand in the checkout line with some poly-wrapped package of pads the size of a hay bale. We have made it easy and discreet for you to buy Finess online. Right here, straight to your doorstep. Never run out of protection. Always be in charge of your choices.

Take Back Your Lifestyle with Finess

Simply put, we want you to get back to the lifestyle you had before you started to become self-conscious about controlling your bladder and having an accident. When the first thing you did when you arrived at that dinner party was scout out the bathroom locations. We want you to have the confidence to wear the light-colored dress and not the black one. To bring the small evening purse.

Isn’t it time women had the option to stop leaks before they happen? To finally be able to say “I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants? Isn’t it time for a little Finess?

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