Exercise and Bladder Leaks: Stay on (the) Track

It’s a New Year with new goals, and for most women this means getting more exercise. YES!!

But of course we often find excuses to either to delay or quit. Too busy, too cold, too hard, too dark outside. And, for about 1 in 4 women, too embarrassing: “I’m afraid people at the gym/track/yoga studio will notice my absorbent pad for my bladder leakage.”

Fair enough. Goodness gracious! With those see-through yoga tights folks can not only see that you’re wearing a pad but they can read the brand too!! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Those bladder leaks caused by exercise (or sneezing), also known as stress urinary incontinence (“SUI”), should not be an obstacle to whatever exercise you want to take on. No need to put up with a leaky bladder any more than a leaky balance ball. Finess was made for fitness!

A Small Solution for a Big Problem

It’s one thing to have an absorbent pad buried under layers of insulation on the ski slopes (although there’s always the dread of odor being detected as you ride up the lift). But in a short tennis skirt or light colored running shorts? It’s nerve wracking to wonder “Does anyone notice?” – to the point where it keeps you from getting out there and “just doing it”.

But with Finess, no one – especially you – will notice a thing. Forget the bulky pad, because Finess is designed to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the leaks associated with SUI incidents. Finess has a very small, very soft foam body shaped to fit a woman’s anatomy, and a hydrogel adhesive surface. Simply place Finess over your urethral opening with the easy-to-maneuver fin, and the specially formulated hydrogel adhesive gently seals it in place.

Finess for Fitness: No “Oh, shoot” with your tee shot

You’ve seen the ads for pads: women dancing with each other, a little twist here and there. You’re thinking “Uh, that’s not me. If I’m dancing we’re gonna be swingin’ it. But what I really care about is not having an accident when I’m working out – hard.” Maybe you’re not into Crossfit, but you do like to occasionally hoist the kettlebells at the gym. Maybe you are attempting a personal best when running at the track or walking to the top of your favorite hill with friends. You love the spin class (but the pad makes it so awkward). Or you’re one of those gals who grunts with every swing on the tennis court. And yes, you do want to wear those yoga tights – and not just the black ones – without feeling self-conscious.

(And by the way, let’s not forget the pelvic floor training. The best solution for your stress incontinence is to non-invasively get the muscles and tissues ‘down there’ functioning like they once did.)

You’re committed to your fitness and you don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. Not the muscle soreness, the kids’ carpool, or that last to-do item at the office. With all the obstacles you overcome to get to the gym or hiking trail, don’t let bladder leaks be thing that stops you.

Try Finess.

And then:  Get. Out. There.

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