Feature Friday: Bladder Leaks Getting In The Way Of Your Work Out?

Finess Team here with your weekly dose of oops moments and messy mishaps! In the spotlight this week we have Andrea Metcalf of Examiner.com. Having been a “fitness instructor for more than 30 years” Andrea has heard her fair share of stories about bladder leaks and the difficulties of maintaining one’s fitness routine while dealing with stress urinary incontinence.

“I remember the first time someone came up to me in a fitness class and said, ‘When we do those jumping jacks, (then whispers) I wet my pants.’ I was a bit taken back. I mean, it’s a personal thing right, but then I realized after several months of the jumping jack challenge routines, she wasn’t the only one. I found a few articles that recommended using a tampon to help secure the bladder leakage, but wasn’t sure if that really worked. Although the theory of putting something “up there” to press against the uretha and stop the flow is a good thought, the reality is, that it doesn’t work well.”

Finess Prevents Bladder Leads During Workouts

“Although personally I hadn’t had any “oops!” moments in fitness class, sometimes when I started laughing, (you know those laughing moments that take you to tears) I would wet my pants. I just thought that happens to everyone…but it doesn’t.”

“Urinary incontinence happens more in women than in men.” The leaks can begin during pregnancy and last through menopause, making it difficult to feel comfortable when doing high stress activities like jumping jacks.

Let’s be honest, feeling confident when working out is hard enough without the added worry of accidental leaks. That’s why Andrea is happy to share a “new product called Finess  that has been developed to help stop the flow.”

According to Andrea, “although undergarments like adult diapers can help absorb the liquid, Finess is a super lightweight, discreet and convenient way to prevent bladder leaks rather than absorb them.”

As she puts it, “This is something that’s difficult sometimes to talk about. But really the problem has a simple fix.”

Finess 36-Pack for Incontinence

What is Finess?

Finess is a small, soft, foam patch that gently seals over the urethral opening to block leaks before they happen. It is the first and most clinically tested solution for bladder leakage that has been cleared by the FDA for non-prescription use. To use Finess, just place it over the urethral opening, and the specially formulated, hydrogel adhesive gently seals into place so you’re secure until you remove and replace it at your next bathroom visit. It may take first time users a few attempts to place finess correctly, but the next time you jump, run or laugh, Finess will block the urine from escaping.

Andrea says, “Finess stops the flow and some clients who have used it say it seems to help decrease bathroom activity for hours! Now there’s no more excuses for no jumping in class!”

To read Andrea’s full post, head on over to The Chicago Examiner 

Try Finess for a drier more confident you!

Discreet, comfortable and compact, Finess is available in a 12 or 36-pack here in our Finess store or on Amazon. To learn how to use Finess, visit our YouTube channel.

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