Feature Friday: Forget Incontinence and Dance With Finess!

Here we are again. It’s the end of the week and you know what that means? Another #featurefriday of course! As we enter the weekend you don’t want to miss this post from Samantha of The Peanuts Gang blog as she talks about staying busy while dealing with stress urinary incontinence.

If you’re anything like Samantha who has “two little misters” (Charlie, age 5, and Jack, age 3) and a life that is always “in a state of GO”, you don’t have time to worry about bladder leaks.

As Samantha puts it, “no one ever told me what to expect post-babies, but as I talk to more friends and family, I find that this seems to be a common occurrence amongst women, even at my age.”

And when you’re trying to juggle an already hectic schedule as a popular blogger, let alone a mom, stress urinary incontinence seems to add a whole lot more unnecessary stress. Who wants to be worrying about potential bladder leaks at a little league game or when you finally get the chance to relax and grab that cup of coffee with a girl friend? No woman should have to plan for an “oops” moment every time she walks out the door.

As Samantha noted, “finding something that can help [you] truly feel like [YOU] and not be weighed down by surprises is crucial”.

Enter Finess. With this new, non-internal, soft foam patch, you can spend your day focused on what’s important and not on SUI.  As Samantha puts it, “running around with my boys is exhausting on its own…thankfully, I have one less thing to worry about and can enjoy being more in the moment with them – I’m a better mom with confidence..”

With Finess, Samantha can “run, dance, laugh, cry, sneeze, and exercise without having to worry about leaks!” To see the rest of the ways Finess helps her AND YOU “pursue life fully without having to worry about an expected burst” check out Samantha’s list below.

1.When I’m exercising or dancing around to my favorite music

Dance to the Music #LifeAfterLeaks [ad]

“Just as I’m about to hit the chorus of my favorite song and bust a move, I can usually expect to feel that unexpected leak. The extra support definitely helps me keep my groove going. If you want to keep the music going and not be weighed down, try Finess and pump up the jam to these beats.”

Dance Party Playlist #LifeAfterLeaks [ad]

2. When I’m chatting on the phone with friends

Call and laugh with Friends after Leaks #LifeAfterLeaks [ad]

“Whether I’m laughing or crying, I can almost always expect a little SUI interference. Finess helps me keep the conversation going!”

3. Hopping aboard my bicycle

#LifeAfterLeaks and Feeling More Like Myself [ad]

“This beauty shouldn’t sit unused just because I might experience something unexpected on the way. Thankfully, we’ve been able to keep up our routine without having to worry that leaks get in the way.”

4. Chatting with a hilarious friend over coffee

Laughter with Friends without Leaks #LifeAfterLeaks [ad]

“Whenever I get together with my friend, Erin, we laugh. A lot. I love having the freedom to belly laugh without being worried about the unintended consequence!”

5. On the playground – running around with my boys

Hop, Skip, & Jump without Leaks #LifeAfterLeaks [ad]

To read Samantha’s full post, head on over to The Peanuts Gang HERE.

Try Finess for a drier you!

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