Feature Friday: What Do Incontinence & Ketchup Bottles Have in Common?

That’s right ladies, this marks the first blog post of our #featurefriday series! The thing we love most about the end of the week here at Finess is hearing and sharing all of your great incontinence stories, tinkle tales, and oops moments. This week, we have a great story from Susan Keats, contributing writer of The Succulent Wife.

Imagine a ketchup bottle on a horse. You might be thinking, “imagine what?”, “why?”, “where is this going?”. Well, This is how Susan describes the feeling of learning how to gallop on a horse with stress urinary incontinence. Making a little more sense now?

“Think about it. What happens when you hit that bottle of ketchup hard? Bam! A little bit of ketchup squirts out….well, as horrified as I was to be wildly out of control and not knowing what to do about it, I was equally mortified that I’d have to dismount the horse with wet pants”, says Susan after her first experience galloping.

When it comes to stress urinary incontinence, we’ve heard a million different analogies for what it feels like to be a woman with this condition. During certain activities or exercises, you never know when you might spring a little bladder leak, and sometimes there is no better way to describe that vulnerability than through a metaphor. So whether it’s feeling like a water balloon or a broken faucet, we get it.

Stop Bladder Leaks Before They Happen
Do you leak when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or gallop?


As Susan puts it, “millions of women in the USA have stress urinary incontinence issues.” So, the question remains…are we going to let a little urine leakage stop us from doing the things we love?

“Well darn toot’n we’re not!” says Susan.

How you can gain control of those pesky leaks and your life:

Finess Soft Patch for stress urinary incontinence
Finess stops bladder leaks before they happen.


Finess gives you the freedom to keep doing the things you love without fear of bladder leaks. Unlike bulky pads that simply absorb urine after it’s already escaped, Finess stops bladder leaks before they happen. With Finess, there is no internal application involved. Simply seal the “soft, squishy little unit…over the urethra”, and you can move about care free.

Maybe you’re like Susan, who takes Finess with her to parties so she can “dance like nobody’s watching”, or perhaps you just want a little back up during your morning run. Whatever the case, we hope that Finess will give you “one less thing to worry about”, as it did for Susan.

Want to hear the the rest of Susan’s story? Read the full post here. 

Try Finess for a drier you!

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