I have loved eating yogurt for breakfast for pretty much my whole life. Lemon burst was my favorite (strawberry and peach were strong seconds), but the kind of yogurt never varied: regular Yoplait (not light!) or bust. I had heard people talking about Greek yogurt for years, and I scoffed at the idea that anything could come close to my lemon burst Yoplait. I had no interest in trying it, no interest in veering away from my dedication to regular yogurt. Then one day on vacation, I came face to face with a breakfast buffet that had ONLY Greek yogurt left. I was appalled. I almost walked away. But it was lemon… So I decided I’d just suffer it for that one day. Yeah, yeah, you know what happens next: I LOVED it! It was thicker, creamier, AND it was nutritionally better with less sugar and calories, and more protein. Why the heck had I been so insistent on never trying it!? I felt pretty peeved at myself about being so close-minded about something as simple as yogurt. Needless to say, lemon burst Yoplait has been relegated to a once-in-a-while purchase, and my Chobani Greek is front and center these days. My, how quickly things change!


The Moral of the Story

“What does yogurt have to do with bladder leaks?” you may be wondering. The moral of the story is that, as humans, when we find something that works well enough, it can often keep us from trying things that might be *gasp* better! For me, it was yogurt, for others it may be their go-to route to work or brand of jeans. In this case, it’s bladder leak protection. You have most likely used pads your whole life for periods, and now, for your little bouts of leakage. You understand them, they’re easy enough, and they do the job. Maybe you even use internal inserts like Poise Impressa, because like pads, you understand their tampon-like look. Either way, they don’t stray too far from the norm, and there’s definite comfort in the norm.

We’ve Got Good News and Bad News

Well, what if I told you that pads and inserts are the lemon burst Yoplait of bladder leak protection? They suffice, they keep you from embarrassing yourself entirely at most times, you may even think they’re great. But, you guys… there is in fact something *gasp* BETTER! And to prove it to you, here are the top reasons that Finess conquers the competition:

Finess conquers the competition.

  1. Pads just absorb. – Yes, technically pads keep your undies dry (hopefully…if they’re not too full…if they don’t get scrunched up and move… if you’re lucky.) But all they’re really doing is absorbing your pee, so you still have to sit in it, walk in it, exercise in it, and yes, smell it. Ew. Finess, on the other hand, stops leaks before they happen. No wet undies, no walking around in your own urine, and (hallelujah!) no odor!
  2. Pads and inserts are pretty dang uncomfortable. – I don’t know about you, but for me, walking around in a wet, bulky, diaper-like pad is not my idea of fun. Even if it’s a light pantyliner, walking around in a wet one isn’t exactly pleasant. And have you seen those internal incontinence inserts? They’re all sharp edges and uncomfortable angles – that’s a big ‘ole NOPE. Finess, on the other hand, is a small, soft, foam patch that gently seals over the urethra to keep leaks from happening in the first place. Place it and go: no discomfort, no pain, and no walking around in wet anything! When you’re ready to remove it, simply take the easy-to-grab fin and pull it off.
  3. Pads & inserts have no discretion game. – While no woman should be ashamed of her body, we all have been in a place where we don’t want everyone in the world seeing that we’re about to go change our tampon. Bladder leaks are no different. With inserts and pads, there is little to no ability to hide what’s in your hand or pocket. Whether you’re passing one to a friend or grabbing one out of your purse, anyone paying attention is going to know you’re about to go handle SOMETHING in the restroom. Finess, on the other hand, is so small and discreet, it can fit in your pocket or wallet with no problem at all. In some situations, discretion is the name of the game, and on this one, Finess takes it game, set, match.

When it comes down to it, Finess gives you something that pads and inserts just cannot: your freedom back. Work out without fear of wet undies or a bulky pad showing through, hop on a trampoline without the discomfort of a pessary spoiling every jump, and give in to your allergy induced sneezing fit without fear of a smelly, embarrassing accident.

So what are you waiting for?! Be bold! Try Finess, and live life better. Live life leak free.

Finess Stops Bladder Leaks



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