Real Women Talk: An End To Bladder Leaks With Finess!

Although 1 in 4 women in the United States suffer from stress urinary incontinence, many women feel alone in their struggle. This is, in part, because most women don’t want to talk about their bladder leaks. And we don’t blame them! Nothing kills a fun dinner conversation like asking your girlfriend if she also leaks while working out.

With Finess we not only want to stop bladder leakage, but also break the stigma associated with the condition. That’s why, last month, we asked our customers to tell us how Finess has empowered them: what activities Finess has allowed them to get back to, how being leak free has made them feel or what it’s like not having to worry about unexpected leaks any longer. Check out their answers below!

“I Was Able To Run Outside With My Granddaughter and Play in The Yard”

Stop Bladder Leaks With The Best Defense

“I just received my Finess yesterday and today is the first day using it. My life in less than 24 hours has changed dramatically. Today I was able to run outside with my granddaughter and play in the yard with no second thoughts about having leakage. I was able to laugh and giggle and play with her like I have not been able to in the 4 years of her life. I feel like my life just turned down the best road possible and it can only get better from here. We as a family are going horseback riding tomorrow and normally I would stay back and sit and wait for everyone else while they road because of my insecurities and guess who is going to ride tomorrow. I am free from worries of my bladder. I feel like a new woman!!! Thank you Finess!!!!” – Raquel

“I was able to antique all day without one leak!!”

Stop Bladder Leaks With The Best Defense

“My husband and I love to antique. Over the last few years it was getting harder and harder for me to walk around all day without having an accident. Our time really became consumed with me having to be close to a restroom. I started using Finess a few weeks ago and yesterday I was able to antique all day without one leak!! My husband and I were able to visit several stores and stayed as long as we wanted. I will never be without this amazing product in my purse. I feel like I have my freedom back and I can enjoy the day without worrying if I’m going to have an accident.” – Mendy

“I’m not afraid to have drinks and/or laugh and have a good time”

Stop Bladder Leaks With The Best Defense

“Finess has enabled me to be confident in any setting now. I’m not afraid to have drinks and/or laugh and have a good time. I’m more confident and happier…my husband is happy that I’m not embarrassed or having to leave early because of an accident. I like to go places now that I was afraid to before. Not wearing a pad is the best thing of all. Finess has really set me free!!” – Sherri

Thankful to Hear That Finess Brought an End to Bladder Leaks and A Beginning to Freedom!

Thank you to these wonderful ladies for sharing their stories! There’s nothing we love more than hearing how Finess has helped women regain their confidence and take back control of their lives. To learn more about Finess and how it works to stop bladder leaks, please visit our website,, where you can find many helpful resources such as FAQ’s and instructional videos with our medical advisor, Dr. Toni Harris, MD.