The Top 3 Reasons Finess Will be the Best Thing in your Purse

As most women would agree, we love our purses! They hold not just our wallets and phones, but so many of the things that make our lives better and easier: lip balm and lotion and makeup and Tide pens and breath mints, oh my! You can tell a lot by what is in a woman’s purse. I, for one, carry a large one that weighs approximately 100 pounds. My boyfriend often jokes that my purse feels like I am carrying a tent and enough provisions for a week in the wilderness. Some women are able to carry smaller ones (jealous, party of me). But I know for a lot of us, we live and die by the contents of our purses. Which is why I’m here to present to you: the top 3 reasons Finess will be the best thing in your purse!


  1. Finess is so DISCREET! The problem with a lot of feminine hygiene products is that they’re so, well, obvious. It’s hard to hide a bulky pad or even a tampon-like insert, and most bladder leak products fall into those categories. But with Finess, no one will ever know what’s in your purse (or your hand!) While bladder leaks are nothing to be ashamed of, it’s also not the type of thing you want advertised to anyone watching. So it makes for the best solution to the issue of how to not let the entire world in on your little secret.


  1. Along the same lines of Finess being discreet is just how dang small it is! Unlike a large pad or insert, Finess fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, and is so light weight that you won’t even notice it is in your purse. For those of you who carry a 10 pound purse like I do, it’s great to have a product that wont take up a lot of room (not to mention you wont need to pack those extra undies any longer!). Purse real estate is a hot commodity, and with Finess, you’ll have a lot more to spare than you used to.


  1. Because Finess is so small and discreet, that also makes it super shareable! So if one of your workout buddies forgot to put on a Finess before your Yoga class & is worried about leaking, you can easily slip her one and no one will be the wiser. Sharing IS caring, after all.


The moral to the story here is that Finess takes the stress out of often stressful situations caused by bladder leaks! And if that’s not a product worthy of a spot in your purse, I don’t know what is. Give it a try today!

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  • Robin Mirabile
    December 28, 2017 7:31 am

    Hi. I drink a lot of water and urinate frequently. When I’m at the gym and need to go to the bathroom, can I remove my finesse long enough to empty my bladder then reattach ?
    Thank you.

  • Hi Robin,

    Happy New Year and thank you for your inquiry! Finess is meant for single use only, meaning it should be replaced after every bathroom visit. We understand that for people who urinate frequently, this could mean using a lot of Finess softpatches. We find that for many women in this situation, they find that just using it when they are about to head to the gym, go out to a social gathering, take a run or hike, etc, that they can easily wear a Finess patch and not have to worry because chances are they wont need to urinate in that relatively short period of time. Other women who urinate less frequently will wear them all day. No matter how often you use it, we hope that Finess is the bladder leak solution you’ve been looking for!

    Best Regards,
    The Finess Team

  • Oh nuts! I also was hoping it would be reattaching. With cost of these they are like gold! They are good for a special event, however I would still need to buy bulky pads. For the remainder of the day. Too bad.

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