Finess Users Weigh In: 75% Say It’s Easy- to-Use

More importantly, almost three-quarters find it an effective way to control their stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Finess has been available to the general public to help them control bladder leaks for several weeks now. Of course we want to hear about our new customers’ experiences with this ground-breaking way to prevent bladder leaks. So we surveyed early users to get their first impressions. And we thought we’d share some highlights.

3 Out of 4 Find Finess Easy-to-Use

75% of our survey respondents found Finess “Very easy” or “Pretty easy” to place. When some women first see Finess on the website they might be thinking “Wait a minute. I’m supposed to put that where?”

That’s right sister. But seriously, it’s really simple. Our customers say so. And we have videos and FAQs that can be so helpful: they address just about any question you might have.

Nearly 75% Get Placement Right in First Few Tries

When asked how many Finess they used before they felt like they “got it right”, again nearly 75% said anywhere from one to three.

Join the ‘Continence’ Revolution.

Forget the tired, old way of catching pee in a pad in your pants. Science has given us a better way to deal with bladder leakage issues. Finess is a revolutionary concept in the management of urinary incontinence: stop bladder leaks before they happen! With six Finess in a discreet, elegant box, the Finess Trial Pack is a great way to take a test drive and see if it’s right for you.Put the Control Back in “Bladder Control”

Speaking of test drives, how far would you drive with a flat tire? That’s about how far you’d want to run, or dance, or walk the golf course, with a soaked pad. Once the leak has happened, it’s a different game. How much better to stop the leak before it happens!

Don’t let urinary incontinence hold you back. Try Finess today and experience “the science to stop bladder leaks”.


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