How Does Finess Work?

Finess helps prevent light to moderate bladder leaks so that you can get back to doing the activities you enjoy without worrying. With a soft foam body and a gentle hydrogel adhesive, Finess is placed over the urethra (the opening where urine passes out of your bladder) to create a temporary seal and prevent urine from leaking out.

Bladder leaks happen, often times when you least expect it, due to a “stress event” – like a sneeze, cough, or laugh, or during physical activities like running, jumping, or squatting. Now you don’t need to worry, because Finess has you covered!


Finess helps prevent light to moderate bladder leaks by creating a temporary seal over the urethra (the opening where urine passes out of your bladder).


Finess is designed for use by women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Stress incontinence happens when you leak a little bit of urine during a “stress event” – a sneeze, cough, laugh or during other physical activity like exercise. 

Finess is not for women with urge incontinence, also referred to as Overactive Bladder (“OAB”). Some women have both SUI and urge incontinence, and this is referred to as mixed incontinence. For some of these women, Finess may provide some reduction of their leakage episodes or give them added confidence that they can make it to the bathroom in time.

How to place Finess and stop bladder leaks before they happen.
Click here to view and download detailed instructions: Finess® Instructions For Use

To remove Finess, spread the labia with your fingers. Grasp the fin and gently peel it away from your body (in a backward motion, not upward), starting with the narrow (pointed) end.

No. Do NOT reuse after removal. Finess is intended for one-time use only. Use a new Finess after each time you urinate.

You can wear Finess until you need to remove it to urinate. Many women use Finess for occasions when being discreet about leak protection is really important to them. Whether you’re hitting the gym for Pilates, jumping on the trampoline with the kids, or joining your friends at comedy club, Finess has got you covered!

The patented technology in Finess utilizes a medical grade foam and a hydrogel adhesive, both of which are used in other medical products with a history of skin contact.

In a multi-center clinical study involving 55 women over 1,500 days of use, Finess was demonstrated to provide a significant reduction in leakage episodes and volume, and the hydrogel adhesive was demonstrated to be very comfortable and non-irritative.

Use of Finess does not increase the likelihood of getting a urinary tract infection (“UTI”). Nevertheless, if you experience any symptoms of a vaginal or urinary tract infection, such as foul smelling urine or vaginal discharge, difficulty or discomfort when urinating, burning, frequent urination, abdominal or unusual back pain, cloudy urine or blood in your urine, discontinue use of Finess until your healthcare professional tells you it is okay to resume use of the product.

Do not use Finess during sexual intercourse, or while showering, bathing, or swimming, as it may move, lose its adhesiveness, and not work properly.

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