Incontinence Doesn’t Have To Dampen Your Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! Whatever your plans are this Sunday, you know you want to look and feel your best for that special someone in your life. Unfortunately, feeling confident is nearly impossible for women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, as the fear of experiencing an embarrassing leak or odor is a constant worry.

Finess Prevents Incontinence So You Can Regain Confidence

As Jenn of Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog puts it,

“I’m too young to wear a diaper, and I honestly don’t want to, I mean how sexy is that?  I’m 99.9% sure my husband seeing or knowing I have to run to the restroom to take off a pad or adult diaper is going to kill the mood, right! I mean, he loves me no matter what, but it’s not something I’d be comfortable with anyway. Which is why I’m excited to share a new device called Finess, that helps you say goodbye to those totally unsexy pads and diapers forever!”

Regain Confidence with New Incontinence Solution

Finess is the Most Comfortable Solution for Bladder Support

Don’t let bladder leaks dampen your date night. Finess can help you regain confidence, so you can feel your best and enjoy being with the person you love.

Finess is the first and most clinically tested bladder leakage solution that has been cleared by the FDA for non-prescription use. The small, foam, disposable patch actually stops bladder leaks before they happen so you can enjoy the day without stressing the dreaded leaks, pads and, even worse, diapers!

How Finess Works To Stop Bladder Leaks

How Finess Prevents Bladder Leaks

To use Finess, simply place it over the urethral opening, and the specially formulated hydrogel adhesive seals into place so you’re secure until you remove and replace it at your next bathroom visit.

Try Finess for a more confident you!

Discreet, comfortable, and compact, Finess is available in a 12 or 36-pack here in our Finess store or on Amazon. To learn more about how to use Finess, visit our YouTube channel.

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