New Year, New Bladder Leaks Solution, New You!

Welcome to 2017 and all that it has to bring…except for bladder leaks. Yeah, you can leave those in 2016. While we hope you had a great year, can you think of any experiences that you may have missed out on because you were afraid of bladder leakage? Well, this year can be different! Finess offers a new solution to your stress urinary incontinence so you won’t be held back from pursuing all of the things you want to!

We’ve compiled a list of activities that you can do with confidence this year knowing that Finess has got you covered.

10 Things To Do Without Bladder Leaks

Treat yourself to a new outfit:

Many women avoid wearing tight or thin clothing because they are afraid of a pad showing through. With Finess, there is no need to fear an embarrassing incontinence pad bulge! You deserve to wear whatever you want. This year we encourage you to treat yourself to a new outfit that makes you look great and feel great.

 10 Things To Do Without Bladder Leaks With Finess

Try a new exercise routine: 

Perhaps you’ve come to realize that running just isn’t your thing or you’ve been wanting to spice up your current workout routine. There is no better way to make exercise fun than by trying something new! Whether its yoga, running, kickboxing or even Crossfit, Finess allows you to workout out as hard as you want without having bladder leakage.


Play with your kids or grandchildren: 

As simple as this sounds, the most valuable moments in life are those spent with the ones you love. With Finess you won’t miss out on a single memory. Consider taking your kids or grandkids to do exciting activities. Go sledding or spend a day at an amusement park. They’ll love having you there and you won’t be distracted by fear of unexpected leakage.



Traveling with big bulky pads can be difficult. It not only means that there is less room for your clothes, but the risk of an embarrassing bag search in front of the entire security line is much higher. The Finess Softpatch is small, discreet, and light, so it won’t add extra weight or take up space in your luggage.


Take a dance class: 

A fun way to stay active is to take a dance class. Many community centers offer classes such as swing, salsa, or ballet. You could take one alone to meet new people, with your girlfriends, or go as a couple for date night! All the while, you’ll move with confidence knowing you’re protected from sudden leaks.

Finess Helps You Dance Without Bladder Leaks


Be adventurous: 

It’s hard to be adventurous when it comes to managing stress urinary incontinence. Finess gives you peace of mind to go outside. Venture out on a hike, play a round of golf, or go kayaking without considering your proximity to a restroom or bringing a change of clothes


Start a garden for you or your community: 

Before you know it, Spring will be around the corner! Grow some vegetables in your yard or help out in your community garden. Whether you’re lifting a heavy pot or sneezing from seasonal allergies, Finess will block leaks before they happen so you can enjoy your time outside.

Stop Bladder Leaks With Finess and Get Outside


Have a girls-night-out: 

No need to stress when you’re with your friends! Go grab a drink and catch up on life. We guarantee a good amount of laughter with no bladder leaks.


Redecorate your house: 

There’s no better time to embrace change than the beginning of the year. Update some wall decor or shuffle around furniture for a fresh look. While you’re moving that heavy end table Finess will have you feeling fresh too.


Be Yourself Again!

Don’t be held back by bladder leaks this year. Reclaim your life and just be you!

Learn More About Finess

Different from absorbent pads, Finess blocks bladder leaks before they happen. Visit our website,, to read real stories from women who have tried Finess. In addition, you will find a host of other helpful resources including our FAQ’s page.

Finess is available in a 12-Pack, 36-Pack, or a Subscription.