New Year’s Resolution? Bladder Leakage Solution

First of all, happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2016 and all that it has to bring. Well maybe not everything.

New Year’s (Re)solution

Stop Bladder Leakage in 2016

As you know, with every New Year comes a new resolution: to spend more time with the family, to start being more creative, and dozens of other commendable goals. According to Static Brain Research Institute, of the 45% of Americans who actually vow to make a change in their lives when the ball drops, the number one resolution is to lose weight. Sound familiar?

Making the move to shedding pounds or just being healthier is never an easy feat, but one thing that certainly won’t make it any easier is bladder leakage. When you workout do you find yourself asking, “Why do I pee when I exercise?”. If so, you may be like the other 1 in 4 women in the US that experience what is known as stress urinary incontinence (SUI). It’s hard enough finding the time to be active and getting motivated; you don’t need to add bladder leakage to the challenge. I mean, who wants to join a gym only to leak all over the treadmill?

Well, in 2016 there is something that may help you finally stick to your resolution without fear of bladder leakage.

Your New Year’s Bladder Leakage Solution

Finess Bladder Support Incontinence Products

Introducing Finess, your New Year’s Solution. Finess is the first and most clinically tested over the counter bladder leakage control product that has been cleared by the FDA. Different from other incontinence products, Finess is not an insert and does not absorb urine like a bulky pad or adult diaper (so you can wear those yoga pants without the extra baggage!). Rather, Finess is a soft foam patch that blocks leaks before they happen. To use Finess, simply place the flat side of the small patch over the urethral opening, and the specially formulated hydrogel adhesive gently seals into place until you remove and replace it at your next bathroom visit. The next time you run, lift, or stretch, Finess will block urine from escaping.

Read how Finess helped one woman get back to her workouts:

“These were a game changer for my workouts. They worked perfectly and controlled the stress incontinence that I would have during hard workouts. I’ve done tae kwon do and kickboxing and used to have to limit my liquid intake for several hours before class. As I got into shape and lost weight, the problem improved but never went away. It was never more than a liner could handle but I was self conscious and worried that others might notice. It also meant I couldn’t go ‘full-out’ like I wanted to. Now I’m doing zumba and loving it but as soon as we start jumping (and we do a lot of it!) I would start to worry and have to dial it down a bit. I took advantage of the sample pack that I read about on a blog and it was a game changer! I was able to do all the jumping jacks etc without any problems. They are comfortable to wear and after a few minutes I’m not really aware that I’m wearing one. Easy to use and worked like a charm!”

Try Finess for a drier you!

Discreet, comfortable, and compact, Finess is available in a 12 or 36-pack here in our Finess store or on Amazon. To learn more about how to use Finess, visit our YouTube channel.

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