Pads are Passé When Controlling Your Bladder Leaks

Don’t you just want something to prevent urine leakage before it requires a pad? Who wants to use outdated adsorbent pads when you can use scientific leak prevention technology with Finess?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines passé as:

  • Past one’s prime
  • Outmoded
  • Behind the times

That pretty much nails it when talking about using absorbent pads for your stress incontinence. They’re like “big hair” for bladder control – so 80’s.

For goodness sake, do you think of yourself as being “past your prime”? Aren’t you thinking more like “hey, I’m just getting going!”?

You’re not looking to be “behind the times” – you’re ahead of them! You know how to stream music live on your smartphone or find cool stuff on Etsy? (Okay, maybe your kids had to help you set it up, but you’ve got it down now.) That’s great! Then perhaps its time to move on to something equally modern to deal with your stress urinary incontinence (“SUI”).

It’s Time for Some Science

Technology is advancing everywhere in health and personal care – why shouldn’t it for controlling bladder leaks? Would you like someone to tell you to listen to music at the gym on your Walkman? Or that you should get your Netflix movies on a VHS tape?

We’re not talking about fashion here. It’s about function: How to address your bladder leakage with modern science. Sure, there are times when a pad might be appropriate for bladder control problems. But for most women with SUI the solution shouldn’t have to be something that soaks up a tsunami. When you’re experiencing a little bit of urine leakage with that cough or sneeze or Pilates move, wouldn’t it be a lot better to just stop it before it happens?

That’s how the team that developed Finess looked at the challenge of managing stress urinary incontinence. They tossed the outmoded thinking – ‘catch the pee in the underwear’ – and started with a bold assumption: ‘keep the pee where it’s meant to be’. They applied modern science and modern materials technology. Then they tested it. And tested again.


It’s Also Time for Freedom

And it’s about freedom. Freedom from the black skirts or pants. Freedom from the purse that’s bigger than an overnight bag. Freedom to wear those form-fitting tights to yoga class.

And, when we are talking fashion, it’s about managing bladder leaks with a little style. You want a solution that is small and understated, not shouting at the world. Remember those old velour sweats with the brand name in big letters across the derriere? Wearing a big pad is like wearing those, but instead of the brand it says “I PEE WHEN I SNEEZE”. No, thank you. Passé.


Passé is for the Past – Finess is the Future

For way too many years, women have been offered the same old solution to the problem of urinary incontinence and told how great it is. But in this age of instant information, it’s easy for a woman to find out for herself if that’s really all there is. That’s why you’re here reading this right now. And now you know: pads are passe’.

It’s time to toss the color-coordinated headband and legwarmers, and those absorbent pads with them. Try Finess today!


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