How To Stop Bladder Leakage While Traveling This Thanksgiving

The side dishes are prepared, the kids are packed, and you’re ready to hit the road and join the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. All you have to do now is make it through the next 5 hours of sitting in a car without having a bladder leakage incident…Yikes!

We hear it from many women. Traveling when you have incontinence can be stressful. When you know you’re going on a long flight or car ride do you ever ask yourself questions like: Have I packed enough incontinence pads? How embarrassing will it be if airport security searches my luggage? What if we hit turbulence and my bladder leaks?

Don't worry about bladder leakage when you travel. Finess stops bladder leaks before they happen.

This Thanksgiving AAA estimates, “48.7 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home”. That’s “an increase of one million travelers compared with last year”. And with the increase in travelers, comes an increase in traffic and hours spent driving. Don’t find yourself stuck in a messy situation. Find out how you can prevent bladder leaks while you travel.

Prevent Bladder Leakage While You Travel

Don't worry about bladder leakage when you travel. Finess stops bladder leaks before they happen.


Add one more item to your list of things your thankful for this year. With Finess you can say goodbye to bulky pads and hello to a discreet solution to bladder leakage! Better yet, unlike pads that simply absorb urine after it’s already leaked out, Finess actually blocks leaks before they happen. When you sneeze, laugh or lift something heavy, Finess stops the urine from escaping, so there’s no fluid to absorb.

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