Why Do I Pee When I Exercise?

Blogger, Pam Lutrell of Over50Feeling40, and urogynecologist, Dr. Toni Harrisdiscuss why so many women stop doing the activities that they love because of stress urinary incontinence.

Imagine that you’re in a Zumba class when your favorite song comes on. You can’t help but get into the groove and so you decide to go full out on those leg kicks. It is your jam after all! But you’re only about 3 kicks in when your face goes from “oh yeah” to “oh no”. That’s right, you’ve sprung a leak. For women who struggle with stress urinary incontinence, exercise can be a sure-fire risk of unwanted bladder leaks. The nagging question comes, “why do I pee when I exercise?” Which is why so many women in the postpartum or menopausal stages of life simply say goodbye to the activities that they love. Not only is this disheartening, but to make matters worse, it may actually increase the risk of stress urinary incontinence episodes and other health issues.

When women stop exercising, they often gain weight, increasing pressure on the bladder and making leakage more likely to occur. In addition, lack of exercise means the pelvic floor muscles aren’t getting worked. These weakened muscles then lose the ability to keep urine in during stress events, such as sneezing or coughing. However, it seems like the only way to deal with the issue is by wearing a bulky pad, and who wants to risk the further embarrassment of having it show through yoga pants, or worse, fail to catch the leak? Luckily, there is a solution that can help women regain control and get back in the game. Finess is unlike pads or diapers. Rather, the small foam softpatch is comfortably placed over the urethral opening to STOP leaks instead of soak them up. Now when your favorite song comes on you don’t have to hold anything back. In the words of Natasha Bedingfield, “release your inhibitions”, give it everything you’ve got, and take your life back! You won’t ask why do I pee when I exercise anymore.

In the final installment of our 7 part video series with blogger, Pam Lutrell of Over50Feeling40, Dr. Toni Harris, experienced urogynecologist, explains why so many women shouldn’t change their active lifestyles out of fear of stress urinary incontinence.


How Finess Works

This animation was created to illustrate how a woman’s pelvic area compresses during a sneeze, forcing urine from the bladder. A bulky pad can catch it, but Finess can prevent it.

Discreet, comfortable and compact, Finess is available in a 12 or 36-pack. With Finess, women are able to enjoy their daily activities without the stress of stress urinary incontinence.

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