How Finess Works: Scientific Bladder Leakage Solution for Women

It’s a pretty simple idea.

If you had a pipe under the kitchen sink start leaking, the first thing you would do is place a pan and some old towels beneath the sink to catch and absorb the leakage. Keep the mess to a minimum while you figure out what to do next.

Then you would see what you can do to stop the leak from happening at all.

It should be the same with your “personal plumbing”. If you start having a problem with bladder leakage, you could just keep stuffing pads down there to absorb it all.

Or you could do something to stop the leaks from happening at all. That’s what Finess is for—prevention of those embarrassing accidents that leave you running for a bathroom or trying to cover an accident.

Sure, there are some differences between the plumbing under your kitchen sink and the plumbing under your belly button, but it’s still a plumbing problem. We just give it different names: bladder leakage, sensitive bladder, leaking pee, whatever. To be just a bit technical, we’re talking about “stress urinary incontinence” or “SUI”.

With SUI you have a “stress event” – a sneeze, cough, lifting something heavy and so forth – and the muscles in your abdomen tighten, putting pressure on your bladder. Your urethra – the short tube connecting your bladder to outside your body – isn’t quite strong enough to hold it all back, and you leak a few drops (or maybe more!). This all happens in a fraction of a second, and then everything is back to normal – except for your underwear!

It happens, to a lot of women. A whole lot. Like, maybe 1 in 4 adult women, and even more so in older women. So don’t feel bad.

In fact, here’s something to feel good about. You no longer have to keep stuffing bulky incontinence pads down there. You can stop most leakage before it happens, with Finess.


How Finess Prevents Stress Incontinence Before It Happens

Finess is a unique, scientifically backed solution to bladder leakage from stress incontinence. It’s designed to support the function of your own personal plumbing.

Finess has a very small, very soft foam body shaped to fit a woman’s anatomy, and a hydrogel adhesive surface. Simply place Finess over your urethral opening with the easy-to-maneuver fin, and the specially formulated hydrogel adhesive gently seals it in place.

Finess is designed to stop the leakage for just that fraction of a second we were talking about. With Finess in place, when you have a stress incontinence event, those little drops of pee that otherwise would have escaped your body are stopped.


Thinking Small for a Big Problem

When most women have leakage in a stress event it’s just a few drops, but when there are many of those moments throughout the day it can add up: soaking by a thousand leaks, so to speak. So you need a big bulky pad to sop it all up.

With Finess we turned the challenge of stress urinary incontinence upside down. If a single stress event is just a few drops, why not stop each one, so they aren’t added up in your underwear?

It doesn’t take something really big to achieve this. But it does take some real science. Finess balances the need to be sufficiently adhesive to stop the bladder leaks, but at the same time be very friendly to the sensitive tissues “down there”. Prove its safety and its effectiveness in a comprehensive clinical trial, clear it through the FDA, and we have a product that will change how women deal with stress incontinence.


Putting the “Control” Back in Bladder Control

What some folks have for years called “bladder control” doesn’t really control anything. Pads and diapers are the personal plumbing equivalent of old towels under the leaky sink. But with Finess, you really do have control over your bladder leakage incidents.

Take back control of your bladder leakage. Take back control of your life. Try Finess today!


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